I’m Lig. I’m 17 years young, and I’m a little weird.

half white, half african. petite. hands always cold.
human robot. music it’s her gas.
art, irony and sarcasm. traveling, traveling, traveling. no sanity. gotta think outside the box. parties, bites & scratches, redbull, sleepovers, hangovers, sunglasses on, messy hair and redbull once again. dance, dance, dance the night away. stupid crazy random moves. no-sense jokes. hard laughs. c-side lover. freedom, freedom, freedom. high/loud music. movie nights, monsters, gt continental, concerts. personality bites. mornings jumping up&down in bed, eating popcorn watching Tom&Jerry. photo booths and hot chocolate. hates waffles, liars, tea and sluts. afraid of clowns. karma & déjà vu believer. no sense of time. make-up, death note, androgynous girls.
attracted to tough-sweet guys and mysterious minds.


personable. rhythmic. bitter. curious. hot. criative. opionated. sarcastic. sweet. messy. cold. friendly. unconventional. lover. bitch. creature. true. harsh.

sorry, i only live once.


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